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Let us know where you're looking to buy so we can find you the best mortgage rates in your area.

Please note that we do not offer a mortgage rate comparison service in Manitoba and Quebec.

Please enter a postal code in the following format: 'A1A1A1'

Property Type:
Mortgage rates differ depending on the use of the property. Help us find you the most accurate rate by telling us what this mortgage is for.

Purchase Price:
Your home’s purchase price determines the minimum down payment you can put towards purchsing your home. If you don't know the exact number an estimate is fine.

If the purchase price is:

Up to $500,000
Your minimum down payment is 5% of the purchase price

$500,000 to under $1,000,000
Your minimum down payment is 5% of the first $500,000 PLUS 10% of the remaining portion of the home price.

$1,000,000 or higher
Your minimum down payment is 20% of the purchase price

Down Payment:
A potential homebuyer in Canada must provide at least a 5% down payment on their desired property. However, down payments under 20% of the home's purchase price require the buyers to purchase mortgage default insurance from the CMHC.

Down Payment:
In Canada, a non-owner-occupied investment property requires at least a 20% down payment.